Dillard Group Real Estate

We make dreams a reality!

About Us

It began in 1989 in a small office with only three agents, a secretary and a dream….today, Dillard Group Real Estate is proud to be the No. 1 sales-producing company in Norman and Cleveland County.

Mike Dillard, Charlie Bowline and Steve Williams are not only the founders and co-owners of Dillard Group, but the dreamers as well. Starting a real estate company in the late 1980s was a real unknown because the industry was still recovering from the housing market crash under the weight of double-digit interest rates. But they believed in a vision and shared a passion. Through constant innovation and with the never-ending support of the company’s associates/agents and the community, the trio built the company into one of the most respected real estate firms in the area.

In 1996, Dillard Group moved its operations into its current location: the top floor of the Dillard Building on I-35 just north of Robinson Street in Norman.

The company handles more than $132 million in real estate transactions each year and is proud of its standing as the No. 1 sales-producing company in Norman, No. 1 in Cleveland County and No. 6 in the Oklahoma-City metro area listed by the Journal Record.

We Make Dreams A Reality!

We are committed to our clients and work hard to achieve results for them.

Because the real estate industry is becoming more sophisticated and challenging every day, you need a professional brokerage that understands the industry and is positioned to stay ahead of the game. We can do just that for you.

We use innovative advertising and marketing techniques to attract potential buyers to the properties we list. And we work hard to identify buyer needs so that we can show them just the right homes.

Let us start working for you! Call us at (405)366-7707 today!


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